Q: Does BHT ReSources manufacture dog food?

A: No, BHT ReSources is not a pet food manufacturer. BHT ReSources does produce finished products that are sold to companies who manufacturer animal feeds, although none of our products are currently being used in the manufacture of pet food.

Q: Does BHT ReSources manufacture biofuel?

A: Not directly. BHT ReSources collects fats, oils, and greases from a number of sources who would otherwise dispose of these materials as waste. These materials are processed into valuable commodities that are useful for manufacture of a large number of end products. The biofuel industry is one of the largest purchasers of our products, and we are proud to serve such a vital role in the production of alternative fuels.

Q: What would otherwise happen to the materials BHT Resources collects?

A: Without the rendering industry, and companies like BHT ReSources, the materials we collect would be disposed of as waste materials. There are a limited number of alternatives to animal and oil rendering, and the truth is that many of these materials would end up in landfills or would be land applied, and would pose a significant risk to our waste management infrastructure, our agricultural industries, and our environment.

For more information on the benefits of rendering, check out this video.