BHT ReSources offers the used cooking oil collection equipment to meet the needs of your unique kitchen. Our sales staff is equipped with years of industry experience and expertise to help you find the right option today.

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Indoor Equipment Options

Molded Plastic UCO Tanks by EnvicorEnvicor ECT Tank

BHT ReSources partners with Envicor Enterprises, LLC to offer the ultimate used cooking oil solutions for your kitchen.

Construction & Features

  • Patented seamless rotationally molded high-density polyethylene tank
  • Available in 240 gallon and 160 gallon sizes
  • Opaque color allows you to see the amount of oil in the tank
  • Modular design makes customization, service, and scalability easy and efficient
  • Compatible with multiple applications including hard piped to fryers or filter machines, caddy systems, and wand stations
  • Available options include:
    • 11 GPM compacitor start roller pump (easy to operate using remote “on/off” switch)
    • Overflow protection – 150 watt continuous oil heaters
    • 3-sided, paintable shed for outdoor installation
  • 8.5” integrally molded feet provide stability and clearance for cleaning
  • Turnkey installation and service by Envicor’s staff technicians and network of certified contractors


  • Protect employees from burns, slips, and other injuries with safer oil transfer
  • Improve cleanliness and back door security by replacing outdoor bins
  • Prevent theft of used cooking oil
  • Improve employee efficiency and morale


UCO Transport Caddies by FrontlineUCO Transport Caddy

BHT is pleased to offer used cooking oil transport caddies manufactured by Frontline International. These caddies are an excellent, cost effective alternative to directly piping from your fryer to the UCO tank. If you currently dispose of your UCO in a traditional outdoor grease bin, and would like to upgrade to an indoor solution or merely streamline your method of disposal, a Frontline grease caddy may be the solution you are looking for.

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Standard Equipment Options

Small Indoor

Indoor molded plastic, under-sink container on casters with 55 gallon capacity. Appropriate for low volume kitchens with limited outdoor space for equipment.



Standard Outdoor Option

Heavy Duty Steel Container

Our outdoor steel receptacles come equipped with built-in heating coils and theft deterrent lids. Available in multiple capacities to meet the needs of your individual kitchen.

WasteEquip 1

Our outdoor receptacles are equipped with theft deterrent lids, locks and screens to keep thieves out
while still allowing easy oil disposal by kitchen staff.