hRTztGm-O0Tz0G1LgMcrqFsRaGl9Bis12bxIrf-QRvIBHT ReSources produces high quality fats and oils for customers across a wide range of industries and for a number of useful end products, including animal feeds and clean energy biofuel technologies. Our fats and oils have been trusted by our customers for decades and we continually strive to maintain our high standard for excellence in our finished products.

BHT Resources begins with waste products from chicken, pork, beef, and other edible animal processing facilities, along with trimmings from supermarket butcher departments and expired meat products from grocery stores. Through a continuous rendering process, we extract animal fat from these materials, which is then run through a number of finishing processes to create a high quality animal fat.

Our animal fats are rigorously tested for quality. These fats are useful as a stand-alone finished product, and are also blended with other fats and oils to produce our high quality yellow grease.

BHT ReSources also collects and processes used cooking oil from restaurants and commercial kitchen operations across the southeast. These used cooking oils are processed to remove trash, fines, and other impurities before they undergo a quality control testing process.

The processed oils are sold as used cooking oil and also blended with animal fat to generate yellow grease.

For product inquiries and specifications, please contact our finished sales department at 205-252-1197, 800-990-5638 or