BHT ReSources is committed to the highest standards of customer service, both in servicing our kitchen and supermarket customers and in providing the highest quality products in an environmentally friendly manner. This commitment starts at the top with our President and Chief Executive Officer, Owen Vickers. Owen works tirelessly to ensure that the entire management team at BHT ReSources remains focused on our customers.

If we can assist you, please feel free to contact us directly.

Owen Vickers
(205) 252-1197

Vice President/CFO
Michael Glenn
(205) 252-1197

Vice President- Grease Trap Solutions
Trent Wright
(205) 252-1197

Vice President – Northern Region
Greg Rawe
(615) 420-6734

Vice President – Central Region
Greg Oxley
(205) 425-1711

Vice President – Southern Region
Tim Shuman
(251) 964-5069

Vice President – Sales
Franklin Moore
(205) 252-1197

National Account Sales Manager
Bonnie Ropog
(205) 432-0429

General Counsel
Micah Salsman
(205) 251-5132