BHT proteinsBHT ReSources processes hundreds of thousands of pounds of raw material each year into nutritious, safe protein meal that is sold to animal feed manufacturers across the southeast.

BHT Resources collects waste products from chicken, pork, beef, and other edible animal processing facilities, along with trimmings from supermarket butcher departments and expired meat products from grocery stores.

Through a continuous rendering process, fat is separated and extracted from the raw material, leaving a highly nutritious protein component that is further processed into meat and bone meal.

We monitor our rendering process through a series of critical control points to ensure that our finished products are both of the highest quality and safe for animal consumption. Our customers can rest assured that the protein rich meat and bone meal provided by BHT ReSources will be a healthy and cost effective additive to their animal feeds.

For product inquiries and specifications, please contact our finished sales department at 205-252-1197, 800-990-5638 or