BHT cooking oil recoveryBHT ReSources provides reliable, regularly scheduled used cooking oil recovery and provides customers with competitive, market-based rebates on each pound of oil collected.

As a business operator in the foodservice industry, we know your plate is always full. BHT ReSources takes care of the recovery of your used cooking oil so that you can focus on filling the plates that truly matter – those of your customer.

Our team specializes in matching your used cooking oil removal needs to the equipment and schedule that best fit your business. Our goal is to always arrive at your business before we are needed. But on those inevitable occasions that your oil production outpaces our routing cycle, our customer service specialists ensue that your used cooking oil is quickly recovered, and that your route is adjusted accordingly.

BHT ReSources employs only professional, courteous drivers and our route trucks are kept clean and in good working order. Our collection equipment is regularly maintained. BHT Resources is fully compliant with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations regarding the recovery of used cooking oil.

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At BHT ReSources, we aim to provide market-based used cooking oil rebates greater than or equal to those offered by our competitors. Our customer representatives employ regularly updated software to calculate a fair, competitive rebate based on the volume of used cooking oil you produce. And if you ever have a question about your rebate, we are happy to come see you and perform a business review.

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