BHT grease trap solutionsBHT ReSources offers our customers the highest quality grease trap pumping and cleaning services. Our team takes pride in keeping your grease trap operating smoothly.

Each of our grease trap professionals is trained to fully clean your grease trap, including removal of FOG accumulation (fats, oils and grease, or the grease cap), removal of solids accumulation, scraping and cleaning of the interior walls and the baffle walls, and cleaning of the exposed portions of the inlet and outlet pipes.

We employ a dedicated grease trap fleet, and provide service on a regular schedule based on the needs of your grease trap and the requirements of your local municipality. And our customer service team is standing by to help you deal with any emergencies that may arise.

BHT-Grease-Trap-Services-with-LogoWe will provide a no charge evaluation to help you determine the current condition of your grease trap, and will make a recommendation for regular service going forward. The key to a hassle-free grease trap is to make regular, high-quality maintenance a priority for your business.

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