BHT sustainable renderingBHT ReSources has been a trusted name in rendering since before 1900. We protect our environment by keeping animal by-products out of our nation’s landfills and waterways.

No one can beat our level of service and professionalism.

Our management team will schedule regular collections of the animal by-products at your facility. We are also on standby for those occasions when additional pick-ups become necessary.

We maintain clean and professional vehicles and equipment, and our service personnel are both courteous and responsive. BHT ReSources is licensed and permitted by all relevant federal, state, and local agencies.

We are proud to be part of an industry that is essential to the health of our economy and our citizens. Each year renderers process 55 billion pounds of animal by-products, producing 20 billion pounds of highly valuable feed and industrial products in the form of fats and proteins.


sustainable rendering

In the process, we help to protect the planet by recycling carbon and energy and keeping millions of tons of material out of our nation’s landfills and waterways. In fact, were it not for the rendering industry, the additional greenhouse gas released into the atmosphere would be equivalent to an additional 12.2 million cars on the highways.

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