BHT ReSources offers the used cooking oil collection equipment to meet the needs of your unique kitchen. Our sales staff is equipped with years of industry experience and expertise to help you find the right option today.

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Indoor Options

Smart Tanks

The Smart Tank by Envicor provides the ultimate used cooking oil solution for your kitchen.

Smart Tank SolidThrough the Liquid Management Solution, the Smart Tank allows you to be in total control with access to real time information on deposits, volumes, and pickups of your used oil. In addition, this equipment will create a smooth and easy disposal system for your employees and significantly reduce incidents of spills, injury, and theft of used oil.

BHT ReSources has partnered with Envicor to provide our customers a direct purchase option at a significant savings over retail. In addition, we offer lease and financing options for qualifying customers.* To speak with a sales representative regarding any of our Smart Tank options, click here or call (800) 990-5638.

Smart Tanks are available in 245 gallon and 165 gallon capacities.

smart tanks

Additional equipment options are available at no cost to qualifying customers, and include:


Small Indoor

Indoor molded plastic, under-sink container on casters with 55 gallon capacity. Appropriate for low volume kitchens with limited outdoor space for equipment.

Envirotub 1


Standard Outdoor Option

Heavy Duty Steel Container

Our outdoor steel receptacles come equipped with built-in heating coils and theft deterrent lids. Available in multiple capacities to meet the needs of your individual kitchen.

WasteEquip 1

Our outdoor receptacles are equipped with theft deterrent lids, locks and screens to keep thieves out
while still allowing easy oil disposal by kitchen staff.


*Financing is offered through a third party provider who is not affiliated with BHT ReSources. Financing is contingent on approved credit and subject to third party terms and conditions.

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